HOP Merano House of Prayer

The Vision

The nations shall see your righteousness, and all the kings your glory, and you shall be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will give.

Isaiah 62:2

The Vision of HOP Meran-o (House of Prayer) is a place of uninterrupted prayer, of intercession and praise. The „Fire on the Altar“ (a biblical picture for prayer and worship) shouldn’t stop day and night, 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We not only want to be a place of ongoing intercession and adoration, but rather a place, where God rests with his presence. We believe, that the House of Prayer is a place of encounter an intimacy with Jesus. The more we surrender, give him our time and meditate the Bible, the more we get a vision of who God is and what he wants to do in our life.

A house of prayer that is open for all denominations and bilingual

The House of Prayer is not a church, or a place where we celebrate mess or church service. Neither a substitute or competition – we want to build the kingdom of God in cooperation with all christian confessions in South Tyrol.

We want to bring the German and Italian languages together, by giving the opportunity, that both may come together and express themselves in unity – for the glory of Jesus Christ.




Jesus came to serve, to love and to honor the people. We want to follow this example, by loving, honoring and serving God and the people. Our love among us can not express itself without a serving heart.


Unity means not, that we are all the same, but that we look at Jesus and love, honor and serve him together. This is only working, when we meet each other in the love of Christ, to honor, respect each other and look at our common ground – Jesus Christ.

We live unity – among the christians, all cultures and languages in South Tyrol. With uninterrupted prayer and adoration we are achieving this goal. We believe, that through prayer blessing flows and influences our district.


Jesus is first in our lives and on the throne of our hearts. Everything is subordinate to him. This passion for our groom, Jesus, should reflect our everyday life.


The Prayer Room is the heart of the House of Prayer. This is the place where we want to realize our vision of 24/7 worship and intercession. In the prayer room, we alternate different types of prayer.



From June 24 to July 31:

Monday to Friday from 17:00 to 21:00

Saturday and Sunday closed

From August 01:

Monday to Friday from 19:00 to 21:00

Saturday and Sunday closed

HERE you can find our schedule with the current prayer times.

You are welcome to join us anytime (no registration required). Come for a time of intercession and worship and spend your personal time with God in the prayer room.



It’s a combination of powerful worship and spoken prayer. The topic will be presented and moderated by the prayer leader. In alternating singing the singers sing about the spoken prayer and combine it in a chorus. Everybody is invited to sing with us, or pray an appropriate prayer at the microphone.

Worship with the word

This worship time, is an invitation, to dive in the word of God. Together we consider, sing and meditate through a bible text and let affect our hearts. You can personally pray the bible verse and sing the spontaneous chorus.

Calm Worship

This calm worship time will be arranged by one or two musicians. Songs and spontaneous melodies alternate. Feel free, to study the Bible, pray or rest in Gods presence.

Worship from the „Speaker“

If there is no live worship in the prayer room, we play the web stream of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City / USA.

Who we are

The vision of a “House of Prayer in Merano” was born in 2013 in Augsburg during the “Mehr” Conference and in a Bible Institute in Northern Germany.

In the following years the leadership team was formed. For 3 years this group of people from different denominations met weekly for prayer and worship. During this time the “seeds” were sown.

The family has grown and now consists of more than 30 volunteers, 3 full-time missionaries, many partners and supporters. We continue to believe in the growth and pray that HOP Meran-o will become a “spiritual lighthouse” for the whole country.

HOP ALLIANZ – a network of prayer houses

We are part of HOP Allianz, a network of different prayer houses in all of Italy. In Caserta HOP Italia commenced, and spread the movement to the nation. HOP Allianz helps, to connect prayer houses and helps to work on different projects and visions together. The common heart is, to build up a house of prayer and adoration in every region of Italy. We want to see the nation worshipping Jesus in unity.


Three ways to support the house of prayer:


To make the vision of HOP Meran-o and a 24/7 prayer movement happen in South Tyrol we need missionaries, staff members, volunteers and people, who take care of different tasks with passion and heart.

Missionary:  As a missionary you work full- or halftime in the house of prayer. One of your main tasks is, to spend multiple hours of time in the prayer room with worship and adoration. Furthermore you get different tasks, that contribute to an efficient, daily routine in HOP. For further information send an email to

Staff Member: You feel connected with HOP Meran-o and want to spend a fixed time per week in the house of prayer – then participate actively in our prayer room. No matter if you’re musician, singer, prayer or want to keep the fire burning – get connected. Send us an email to

Voluntary:  As volunteer, you invest your time for a specific period in the house of prayer. No matter if this is your school or semester holidays, a break from work or your time in pension. We are thankful for everyone. You will work in our prayer room, undertake different tasks which come up in this time.

If you are interested, send us an email to


As a partner of our house of prayer, you are part of the prayer house family und contribute a big part in the realization of our vision. You do that by praying for us and giving a regular financial support. We will send a regular newsletter to keep you up to date and will invite you to our yearly partner reunion.

Missionary:  Our full-time employees depend on partners that support their cause. Support one or more of our missionaries with a monthly donation. Therefore you will be part of a supporters circle and you set the missionary free for the commission in the house of prayer. Also you get a regular letter of your missionary.

Here you will find our missionaries

Gebetshaus: The House of Prayer is financed 100% from donations. By sponsoring us regularly, you help us to cover all regular costs like rent, electricity and gas.

You decide, if you want to sponsor a specific missionary or the house of prayer in general. We are glad to hear from you –


Again and  again we have unforeseen costs or other important inventions in our premises. Without trustful sponsors it’s impossible – Help us, carry the vision „House of Prayer in South Tyrol“ and donate. We say thank you!

Maybe it’s particularly important for you to support us. No matter, if it’s a one-time or a regular donation. We say thank you!

HOP Merano – House of Prayer – Gebetshaus
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